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Log Home Construction Progress - Part 11

How long will it take to build my log home?  This question does not go unasked by any log home enthusiast.  It is, however, a question that’s difficult to answer given the complexities and variations of each customized log home. The end…

Planning: Log Home Construction - Part 10

At Timberhaven Log Homes, we want you to be comprehensively prepared for every step of the log home process.  Most importantly, we want your project to be exactly what you want it to be – perfection.  When your log home is complete we want…

Window and Door Trim: Custom Built Log Home - Part 9

If you enjoy having photos of your family, wildlife, or awe-inspiring views displayed in your home, then you understand the importance of having a special picture frame in which to display your favorite images.  Like the old cliché they fit…
shingles on newly constructed roof, beam & purlin roof system, custom built log home, weather-tight package, laminated, kiln-dried, Timberhaven Log Homes

Weather-Tight Construction: Custom Built Log Homes - Part 8

Last week you saw how Jack and Bob’s Beam & Purlin roof system was assembled.  After they completed those phases, they applied the finishing touch – the shingles!  The couple was indecisive about which color shingle to choose, but…
River Stone Fireplace - Custom Design

Roof Systems - Custom Built Log Homes - Part 7

Roof systems are an integral component of any log home – not just structurally speaking but the ambiance of a log home is defined when you walk through the front door and look up. Timberhaven Log Homes provides options that meet unique style…
felt paper over T&G, beam & purlin roof, log home under construction, custom built log home, Timberhaven, kiln dried, laminated

Heavy Timbered Log Home Construction - Part 6

Each phase of the log home construction process is no more or less important than the next - and the overall task of assembling your own dream log home is quite an endeavor.  But Jack and Bob would not have it any other way.  They are having…
trusses being bolted together with gusset plates, log home construction, Timberhaven, custom built log homes, kiln dried, laminated

Log Home Construction - Part 5 - Custom Built Log Homes

Log home construction is in full swing. This lovely Pennsylvania log home is coming along nicely. The next phases of construction – Interior wall framing/support posts and roof construction – have been completed. Let’s show you what Jack…
log home under construction, Timberhaven, custom built log home, kiln dried, home builder, Timberhaven, laminated

Log Home Construction - Part 4 - Custom Built Log Homes

Your log home plans have been drawn to perfection; logs expertly kiln dried, laminated, and milled; and package components delivered to your job site. Now what? Well, it’s time to get to work – get-your-hands-dirty kind of work - log home…
tractor trailer truck delivering log home, Timberhaven, delivery day, log homes, log cabin, custom built log home, laminated, kiln-dried

Custom Built Log Home - Part 3 - Delivery Day

Time after time we hear our log home customers declare that delivery day is one of the most exciting days in their log home venture. Jack and Bob concur. “We were very excited on delivery day. It’s been a long-time dream of ours and it’s…
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