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Log Home Exterior Cape Cod Style

Green Tip: Consider Going Solar! What "Degree" is Right for You?

There are many ways to harness the sun’s rays, ranging from basic passive solar design to complete home energy systems. Whether you’re designing your dream log home/timber frame home or implementing modifications to your existing structure,…

Log Cabin Homes Magazine Shines Spotlight on Timberhaven Log Cabin

A Perfect Storm   |   By Mike Haskew   |   Photography by Allen Mowery Photography   |   Reprinted with permission from Log Cabin Homes magazine A Mountaintop log cabin in Pennsylvania offers a superb setting for a getaway with…
Half Log Stairs - Timberhaven

Stair Systems: Unique Wooden Options for Your Home

We are all familiar with the movie scene of an elegant woman slowly descending a grand staircase as a collection of spellbound admirers await her arrival in the room below.  The music may swell or lightly fade to make way for dialogue,…
better backyard, timber frame pavilion, timber frame porch, outdoor living

A Better Backyard for Your Log Home or Timber Home

It seems to have taken a while to arrive, but warmer weather is finally here, and, along with it, relaxing evenings in the great outdoors. For many log home homeowners and timber frame homeowners, the backyard is a quiet haven where we retreat…

Save BIG! Timber Frame Feature Home by Timberhaven

Are you thinking about building a custom timber frame home? Then you’ve come to the right place!  At Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, we are here to ensure your dream home is everything you aspire it to be.  And this month we are offering…
Log Home Addition to Existing Log Home

Log Home Additions for Existing Log or Conventional Homes

From sentimentality attached to their current dwelling to financial considerations to the seemingly-daunting task of a new construction, there are numerous reasons why lovers of log cabins, log homes and timber frame homes may not actually…
Golden Glow and Natural Light

The Lore of the Timber Frame & Log Home Living Lifestyle

When I think of the log home living lifestyle or timber frame home living lifestyle, I envision a very intimate extension of my values, dreams, and personality.  I envision peaceful afternoons along a wooded, mountain lakefront watching the…

Outdoor Timber Structure for Your Outdoor Living Area

Do you believe that Outdoor Living Areas are more than a signature phrase?  And Personal Paradise is more than just an expression?  We do, and we think many of you will agree. Extended outdoor living areas will not only improve a home’s…
Bold Statement with Heavy Timbers
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Incorporating Wood Materials In Your Renovation or New Home

Every day customers are innovatively incorporating wood materials into their homes, be that a renovation project or new construction. The DIY movement and HGTV have not only empowered people to take on their projects, but more importantly inspire…
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