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Timberhaven Unveils Brand New Clear Creek Timber Frame Design

The Clear Creek log cabin design is one of our most popular standard models.  As such, we have decided to unveil its sister design, the Clear Creek Timber Frame.   <<insert drum-roll here>> Designed for style and efficiency,…
Legacy Timber Frame Design

What They Have to Say About Their Timberhaven Timber Frame Home

Your home is an extension of you – your dreams, your lifestyle, your vision – all rolled into one.  At Timberhaven, our passion to continually strive to design and engineered beautifully crafted homes is fueled by your unique visions, and…
Small Timberhaven Log Cabin

Bois de Chiens (Woods of Dogs): Home of Unique Log Cabin

Bergen County, New Jersey, is rich with historic and nature-inspired treasures that keep families, history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts coming back for more.  One hidden trove, a non-profit 40-acre nature park nestled within the town of Oakland,…
Sacchini Log Cabin Great room

Smart Forever Home: Technological Ideas for Convenience

As log home and timber frame home owners, we greatly appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us.  But just because we enjoy what was once a utilitarian frontier tradition, doesn’t mean we can’t bring our homes into the twenty-first century…

Timberhaven Dealer Network Expansion Across the World

Timberhaven’s dealer network is a hand-selected team of professionals that we count on to expertly assist families in realizing their log home or timber frame home dreams.  These representatives skillfully coordinate design, pricing, material…

Employee Spotlight Shines on David Gray

Aside from our unique product lines, the employees at Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes are what truly make our customers’ home buying experience so exceptional.  We have some pretty amazing people with many backgrounds and different personalities…

2018 Summer Feature - The Liberty Log Cabin Home

You may be awe-struck by McMasion, but it does have wasted space. Multi-level homes have been challenged by aging homeowners and/or small children who are unable to ascend/descend the stairs. And the typical 1950’s cookie-cutter Ranch…
Log Home Exterior Cape Cod Style

Green Tip: Consider Going Solar! What "Degree" is Right for You?

There are many ways to harness the sun’s rays, ranging from basic passive solar design to complete home energy systems. Whether you’re designing your dream log home/timber frame home or implementing modifications to your existing structure,…

Log Cabin Homes Magazine Shines Spotlight on Timberhaven Log Cabin

A Perfect Storm   |   By Mike Haskew   |   Photography by Allen Mowery Photography   |   Reprinted with permission from Log Cabin Homes magazine A Mountaintop log cabin in Pennsylvania offers a superb setting for a getaway with…
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