Corner Options

Timberhaven Log Homes offers many styles of corner options that you can choose from when designing your log home. Utilize one of our corner designs to add individual character and style to your home. Immediately below you can see images representing some of our corner options. Below the images is a video which captures a Timberhaven craftsman cutting a log for the dovetail corner option.

Corner Options – Images

Dovetail Corner Option

Mortise & Tenon Corner Option

Saddlenotch Corner Option

Trim Corner Option

Corner Options – Video

At Timberhaven Log Homes we believe variety to be the spice of life. That’s why we believe that offering you a wide variety of log sizes, log profiles and log corner styles is very important to meet your specific style. We offer 68 different profile and corner combinations. In this video, our log home connoisseur uses a jig to hand cut a dovetail corner to this massive 6 x 12 kiln-dried log.