What a wonderful seminar and great group of workers/owners at Timberhaven. I love their energy, team spirit and commitment. We are really impressed with their manufacturing process and feel it’s the best in the industry. I’m going to continue to promote them and you (Ed & Kathy Higgins, NH reps) for the rest of my life. Thanks again for all the support and positive energy.

Scott D.Seminar Attendee and Future Timberhaven Log Home Owner

I have worked with Ben Pittman from Big Sky Log Homes on building many Timberhaven log houses – even before Timberhaven, Ben and I built Kuhns Brothers log homes for quite a while. The laminated (aka Engineered) log idea was probably one of the most ingenious engineering feats in the industry. The logs are much straighter, there are very few checks – if any at all – and they are a lot straighter which results in less fight to get the logs to line up and so on. One of the other things I have noticed that because the log are compressed under pressure, they seem to be harder which, in turn, when drilling holes for electrical, leaves a cleaner hole and less splintering at both ends. As a builder, this makes my job easier.  I am hoping we get to build a few more Timberhaven log homes in the future.

Todd NoeBuilder

In our process to find a reputable company, we talked to over a dozen different companies. As you can imagine, some folks just flat out lied about their product, and/or getting information from them was like pulling teeth. Our experience with Dean Gass (rep in NY) was just the opposite. This was one of the best business experiences I’ve ever had, especially considering we ended up not making the purchase. In the future, I will surely recommend Timberhaven and Dean to anyone who expresses an interest in a home of this style.

Leo & KarenNew York

I initially approached Brad Mercer and Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes because of their presence and reputation. Before too long we had a great design with a quality materials package and a concept that truly reflected my needs, wants and desires.  The project turned out bigger and better than anyone would have dreamed.  It was a real pleasure working with Brad and Timberhaven, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about a log home project.

George BiermanMcElhattan, PA

The purpose of this letter is to thank everyone at Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Brad Mercer (our sales rep) and Timberhaven to anyone considering building a log home. Your company is the facilitator of dreams come true.

Pam and Ron Reiter

What initially drew me to Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes was their engineered (or laminated) logs. They’re essentially white pine boards that are laminated together then milled into whatever shape you want. Now, the minute I get to my new log home, my blood pressure drops. It’s like we’re on vacation every weekend.

Al & Kim KortzePocono Mountains, PA

I’ve been building log homes for more than 30 years and the Timberhaven engineered (laminated) logs and beams are the best I’ve built with.  They are straighter, little or no checking, consistent high quality and easy to assemble.

John Comer, DC Quality ConstructionSmithton, Pennsylvania

We were impressed with the white pine kiln-dried engineered (laminate) log system that Timberhaven offered – when the logs arrived they were beautiful! John and Gabrial Reed, our sales representatives, have been there with us through the whole process. We are excited to be one of the first Timberhaven homes to be built!

Sam and Sue NorrisKentucky

After a previous log home company had left us stranded, Timberhaven Log Homes were able to step in and assist us in making our log home dream a reality. They worked tirelessly to get us what we needed in an expedient timeframe and within our budget. The quality of their product is excellent. We would recommend anyone interested in building a log home to take a look at what Timberhaven Log Homes has to offer. They really offer great value for a great product.

Dan & Barbara WeigmanDelaware

After mechanical, and now, environmental exposure evaluation, I find these laminated logs to be an exceptional product. Based on structural strength and dimensional stability enhancement due to laminating, as well as the excellent weatherability and glueline performance during the severe environmental exposure, these logs are an excellent product that will provide a strong, durable and attractive structure for many years.

Edwin J. Burke, Ph.D., Principal Wood ScientistMissoula, MT
Timberhaven Log Home Customer Testimonials

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