Workshop Registration

Registration is closed for our April 6th workshop!  Reserve your seat for our September 28th event today.

2019 WORKSHOP ON September 28th

Join us to gain a better understanding of the design and building process, from concept through construction. Our experienced staff will take you on a tour of our manufacturing facility, discuss design considerations and introduce you to the construction process.  Designers, craftsmen, sales professionals, construction advisors and mortgage lenders will provide answers to all your questions along the way.


Location: 1081 Salem Church Road, Middleburg, PA  17842
Preregistration: Begins at 8:15 am
Workshop: 9 am – 2 pm

  • Take a tour of our manufacturing facilities
  • Explore important aspects of log home and timber frame home designs
  • Discuss building site considerations
  • See demonstrations of:
    • Laminating and testing process
    • Log home assembly
    • Timber frame assembly

“What a wonderful seminar and great group of workers/owners at Timberhaven. I love their energy, team spirit and commitment. We are really impressed with their manufacturing process and feel it’s the best in the industry. I’m going to continue to promote them and you (Ed & Kathy Higgins, NH reps) for the rest of my life. Thanks again for all the support and positive energy.”

~Scott D., seminar attendee and future Timberhaven log home owner

Timberhaven Workshop Registration