Log Profiles
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Timberhaven Log Homes offers a wide variety of log profiles for your log homes and log cabins. Eastern White Pine is our premium log wall material. Select from more than a dozen distinctive log profiles available in six different sizes, including our popular “D” profile, massive 8” x 12” profile and more.  An optional hand-hewn finish (inside or out) is available for most profiles, and you can also specify corner detail options as noted. All different profiles within each size category are priced identically.

6x8-D6" x 8" D Profile w/Mortise & Tenon Corner

6x8-w-DT-corner-ext6" x 8" D Profile w/Dovetail Corner

6” x 8” Profiles

Six profiles are available in this size. The Colonial styles, available in either single or double bevels, feature a clapboard appearance. Dovetail is an Appalachian-style profile distinguished by intricate corner joinery, and interior and exterior chinking options. Our perennial favorite “D” is distinguished by its flat interior, rounded exterior and V-Grooves between log courses; it’s available with Dovetail corners.

6x8 log ends updated6" x 8" Log Profile Ends: D, Single Bevel Colonial, Double Bevel Colonial,
Single Notch, Double Notch and V-Groove

8” x 6” Profiles

8x6-D8" x 6" D Profile w/Mortise & Tenon Corner

Two profiles are available in this size. The “D” is a stout version of the 6” x 8” profile, giving it a more massive appearance, and the Super Double Round adds a gently curved interior surface.

8x6 log ends updated8" x 6" Log Profile Ends:
D and Super Double Round

8” x 8” Profiles

8x8-SDR8" x 8" Super Double Round Profile
w/Mortise & Tenon Corner

8x8-SDR-insetInside View of
Corner Connection

Five different profiles share this category. The “D” profile is available with Dovetail Corners.

8x8 log ends updated

8" x 8" Log Profile Ends: 
D, Super Double Round, Single Notch, Double Notch, and Double V-Groove    

10" x 8" Profiles

10 x8 log ends updated

10" x 8" Profiles:  
D, Super Double Round, Single Notch, Double Notch, and Double V-Groove   

 6” x 12” Profiles

6x12-dovetail6" x 12" Dovetail ProfileThese more massive logs are the vertical version of our 6” x 8” profiles. Dovetail corners also available with a variety of chinking options, inside and out, as outlined below.

6x12 dovetail updated6" x 12" Chinking Options:
Chinked Exterior with V-groove Interior, Chinked Exterior with Chinked Interior, 
V-groove Exterior with V-groove Interior, and V-groove Exterior with Chinked Interior


 8" x 12" Profiles

These laminated logs are the most massive logs in our line-up. They are
available in these four profiles along with Dovetail, Mortise & Tenon, and
Trim corner options. 

8 x 12 ends updated8" x 12" Profiles:
Single Notch, Double Notch, Double V-Groove, and D

 12" x 8" Profiles

12 x 8 ends updated12" x 8" Profiles:
D, Super Double Round, Single Notch, Double Notch, and Double V-Groove


 10" & 12" Round Profiles

This solid log is available in 10" and 12" profiles with the Saddlenotch corner option.

 10 12 Round10" and 12" Round Profiles



Insulated Log Sided Wall

insulatedInsulated Log Sided Wall, D Profile ShownThis system combines the essence of solid logs with “stick-built” technology. The exterior log siding can be milled to match any of our standard solid log profiles. Solid wood paneling is typically applied on the inside, although other interior finishes can be substituted. The roof systems and components are identical to our solid log packages.





In addition to our wide variety of log profiles, we also supply you with a variety of roof systems, depending on your model. You can also specify alternative components, including stair, railing, solid log corner fillers and more.



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